Comcast is coming to Take Away Your Games

Ask sports fans in Philadelphia who do not want or simply just hate to be Comcast subscribers and instead turned to competing pay TV companies for service, Or fans of the Portland Trailblazers who live in rural Oregon where Comcast is not available. They will tell you about being unable to watch home games because they do not subscribe to Comcast.items Time Warner Cable, Ask just about all Dodgers fans in Los Angeles they do not subscribe to Time Warner Cable and they will tell you, No Dodgers games on behalf of me. Time Warner Cable makes the games available to its own subscribers and not many others. Or Charlotte Bobcat fans who become a member of Time Warner Cable, Which refused to carry the Bobcats games on a private network, And only carried the games once that network had opted bankrupt and Time Warner Cable’s own RSN acquired the rights.That’s just how firms roll. Pay me my outrageous rates or kiss your nearby team sports goodbye.we are really not halucinating, sporting fans. this is exactly real. There is economic evidence boosting what we see. Three said economists (Kevin caverns, chris Holt, And Hal singer) Published a study last year showing anytime a cable operator owns a RSN, Fewer people obtain their local sports teams on TV than when the RSN is independently owned. They also conclude that the higher the cable company, The worse concern gets. quite, It’s bad enough now that Comcast and Time Warner Cable control gain access to our local games on their RSNs; after the merger, It will most definitely get worse.Why does more or less everything matter? Americans subsidize doctor and collegiate sports through taxpayer funded sports arenas, Public commercial infrastructure, Statutory antitrust and tax exceptions, And other regulatory relief at government employees, state level, And local grades. Fans thus have every right to ask: What do we get in return? Sports programming is different than any other kind of programming because it is publicly subsidized, the best highly rated, therefore critical to robust competition in the video market.but, industry by storm direct questioning from Sen. rich Blumenthal (def CT) At the Senate Judiciary Committee’s recent hearing on the suggested Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, Comcast Executive vice chairman David Cohen brushed off the issue:SEN. BLUMENTHAL:,[m]Et me focus for the moment on regional sports networks, better known as RSNs. bigger information I have details Comcast owning 11 RSNs in the country’s largest markets, And Time Warner Cable owning five RSNs along with 16 local sports channels… A very formidable amount of local sports programming in the largest media markets in britain…. I sense that is a practical, Hard fact of life Means and incentive to overcharge for an in the economy crucial element of programming involving sports,brian COHEN: “RSNs are not national communities…. They’re offered in an individual market. and therefore, There’s practically nothing in this transaction that changes the competitive dynamic in any market in the country,Let us just for a moment set aside all economic downturn and the research done by Caves, Holt, And artist, Which ensures that bad behavior by a cable company vis vis sports only gets worse when the cable company gets bigger. That without help undercuts Mr. Cohen’s critical for Sen. Blumenthal’s troubles.not on your life, Just open the particular business pages (Or watch Comcast’s private CNBC) To see the most recent news that Comcast just entered a deal with Charter, The cable company that tried unsuccessfully to get Time Warner Cable. placed under this deal, Comcast sells some of its cable systems to Charter but also receives from Charter certain subscribers including essential punchline in markets served by Time Warner Cable and its Regional Sports Networks today. All those promises by Mr. Cohen at the Senate Judiciary Committee about no increase in local sports actions wholesale jerseys due to the merger, Swept away in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing (you can find here).Sen. Blumenthal, them just in: Comcast wears no dresses.Here are just some of the markets where a combined Comcast/Time Warner Cable also will have cable systems currently owned by Charter, helping the combined company’s leverage over sports fans:are generally, Where Dodgers fans are blocked by Time Warner Cable from looking out their games;Portland, oregon, Where rural Trailblazers fans long lacked to access Comcast’s RSN;charlotte, new york, Where Time Warner Cable prevented its clients from seeing Bobcats games. Overlay the markets where Comcast owns the NBC local affiliate, Like ny and LA, And you can add NFL games on broadcast TV to the list of local sports Comcast will control.The impact of this consist of merger on sports fans does not end with cable TV, but yet. Perhaps the biggest future impact stands out as the restriction of online sports to only those fans who g

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